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Emergency Fund Savings

Post by : fileyour at 18 Dec 2020

When I started working, I always felt it was important to save. I called it my Rainy-Day Fund.  I would withdraw from it whenever I ran a little short from over spending.  It prevented me from ever having to borrow money from others.  I never understood the point of borrowing because you would eventually have […]

How the Rich and Famous benefit from Bankruptcy

Post by : fileyour at 25 Nov 2020

Nearly one million bankruptcy cases are filed each year, and the majority of them are Chapter 7. When someone mentions bankruptcy, the picture we paint in our minds depicts a broken person who is struggling for bread and butter. The situation is legit for the average filer, as he/she is burdened by debt and hoping […]

Dividend Investing Basics For Beginners

Post by : fileyour at 3 Nov 2020

One of the main questions that I hear is, “How do I get started with dividend investing?” Beginners can always try to take the just jump in approach to dividend investing. This works for some things, but dividend investing is not one of them. Since real money is being invested there is a risk of […]

What to Do If Your Tenant Stops Paying Rent

Post by : fileyour at 21 Oct 2020

As the global pandemic continues to put a stranglehold on the economy, finances may get even tighter for those on government assistance programs, which may soon come to an end. Any owner of a real estate property has many bills to pay, but what happens if their tenants stop paying rent? Of course, compassion is […]

Do you really need an emergency fund?

Post by : fileyour at 22 Sep 2020

What is an emergency fund? Simply put, it is a store of money, typically cash or a cash equivalent like an investment in US Treasury securities, that can be used in case of an emergency and only in an emergency. As financial advisors in northeast Ohio, where not only do we get lots of lake-effect […]

Avoiding Bankruptcy Even With High Debt

Post by : fileyour at 23 Mar 2020

Have you ever felt like your debt is so high the only way out is filing for bankruptcy?  If so, you are definitely in good company. Consumer debt has been climbing steadily for many years and having medical debt on top of that can really make your financial future look bleak. With increasing amounts of […]

Beware of Bankruptcy Scam Agencies

Post by : fileyour at 29 Jan 2020

Filing for Bankruptcy is not something to do on a good day and we must avoid getting into that situation at all costs. However, if the time does arrive when we have no other option for settling our debts, we need to protect ourselves from fraudulent companies that are plotting to take advantage of our […]