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How to Do Effective Maintenance of Your Air Conditioner

Maintenance of air-conditioning system plays a vital role to sustain its
efficiency. This will not just keep the efficiency of the air-conditioning
system up to the mark but also reduce your energy bills and save your money.

Below is a step-by-step guide to carry out maintenance of your AC
units. Have a look!

Turn Off Power Supply: Before doing any maintenance task, switch off the power supply because it can be highly dangerous for you to work around electricity Make sure all the buttons are in off condition and after that start executing next step. Air Conditioning Sydney professionals recommend doing the regular maintenance of air conditioning systems to ensure that they are operating with the highest efficiency

Clear Debris: Detach the fan cage on exterior condenser by using screwdriver and wrench. Lift the cage and move it away from the unit. Now remove the debris collected inside the unit.

Gently Clean the Fins: To clean the dirt gathered over fins, remove the outer covers. Now, with the help of brush clean the fins. Gently throw water and clear the built-up dirt or debris. Carry out this task gently to avoid any damage to fins. These are fragile and little more pressure can damage these.

Straighten bent Fins: If airflow through fins reduces then it will significantly affect the efficiency of the air-conditioning system. Therefore, slowly apply the pressure and straight the bent over the fins. It is recommended to use a butter knife because fins are very delicate.

Clear the surrounding: Now, the cleaning process is completed and the next step is to clear the region around the unit. Collect the fallen leaves and debris from the condenser and throw them out. Trim down the branches and cut the vegetation around all the directions of the unit in order to make sure that air will properly flow through it.
Also, cover your condenser during the winter season to prevent it from dust and debris. But, do not completely cover it as it will accumulate moisture inside the unit and damage it.

Remove dirt from Evaporator Coil: After cleaning the outdoor unit of the air-conditioning system, it is time to clean the evaporator coil. Use a soft brush to clear the dirt and after that use no-rinse coil cleaner to clean the coil. Spray this coil cleaner inside the coil, it will foam up and move down over the drain pan. After this clean the drain pan with the help of soap, hot water, and a little bleach.

Unplug Evaporator Drain: Do you know that algae and mold can build up over the evaporator drain and can block the water flow? If you observe that water droplets over the drain are not flowing or flowing very slowly then immediate action required. A blocked drain can result in flood onto the floor. Moreover, if your system is equipped with drain float then your cooling device will stop working to prevent flood onto the floor. Now to unplug the evaporator drain, first of all, identify the drain line which is blocked. Drain pipe is usually white, grey or black color pipe made up of PVC material. In most of the cases, drain lines terminate around the condenser unit. But there is also a probability that these end up into a utility sink or basement floor drain. After identifying the drain, take a wet/dry vacuum and clean it properly. Before using the wet/dry vacuum make sure that you have removed the paper filter.

Replace the Blower Filter: Blower filters should be replaced at least two times in a year- one before the start of the summer season and one time before the winter season. But if you are living around the dusty region then this number may go up. Before replacing the filter go through the manual to find the accurate size which is the right fit for your air-conditioning unit. Make sure that the new filter should have the same rating as the older one.


Follow the above mentioned point for proper maintenance of your air- conditioning system. If you need more help then you can contact the HVAC experts at air conditioning Sydney. Start from outdoor condenser unit and then move towards the indoor unit. It will not only help to increase the life expectancy of your cooling device but also provide various health benefits.

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