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Personal Injuries and Claiming Bankruptcy-The Self-Identity Crisis

In my last professional service provider interview, I discussed California laws as they relate to personal injury claims and bankruptcy.  Santa Monica, Los Angeles personal injury attorney, Michael Ehline, a big time social media phenomenon, gave me these tid bits, and I finally had time to blog about them.  So for you California accident victims, take a look at this.  Ehline relates that claiming bankruptcy is not the first thing on anyone’s list of things to do, but is often one of the facts of life in certain circumstances. The one circumstance that can cause a person that has ensured their credit has a perfect rating, can find this care and work getting this credit rating, can go down the tubes fast when you bet involved in an accident that causes a personal injury.

Personal injuries include car or motorcycle accidents, bicycle crashes, workplace accidents or even from a defective product. When a person is a victim of a personal injury it can mean racking up medical bills, not just for immediate medical care, but also for ongoing medical care, rehabilitation and therapy. Even with medical insurance it might not cover all of these costs, then additionally the injured victim is often unable to work while they heal or in some cases cannot return to work due to a disability.

Avoiding Bankruptcy Protects Credit When Injured In a Motorcycle Accident or Serious Personal Injury

Credit ratings can be adversely affected by these factors quickly and for many injured seriously victims, the only solution will be to file for personal bankruptcy. There is one big thing that the injured motorcycle accident victim can do that might help them avoid claiming bankruptcy and that is obtaining an experienced personal injury attorney, such as Ehline Law Firm PC at 633 West Fifth Street, 28th Floor 90071, 213.596.9642, has Michael Paul Ehline, Esq., as lead counsel. This is a Northern and Southern California law firm has the aggressive experience necessary, and the resources to thoroughly investigate a personal injury, use experts when needed and help the injured victim to recover compensation.

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Often, you can work out minimum payment plans to pay hospital bills, physical therapy, and auto repairs, etc.  But you can’t just sit on your hands. When a creditor knows you have an insurance injury claim, sometimes they will work on a lien basis and agree to get paid later. This can save your credit score and also helps mitigate your losses, which is actually your duty under California law, said Ehline.

Recovering Compensation Can Pay Creditors and Halt Bankruptcy

Halting a bankruptcy is the best thing to do.  So you need to know if the defendant has insurance, if so how much, and if not, doe he or she have assets to compensate for their tort against the person and property?  You have to act quick and employ the services of counsel, hire investigators, as needed, and get the discovery you need to get paid for your bills and pain and suffering. Recovering compensation can in some cases help the injured victim avoid declaring bankruptcy, or if their financial position reaches the point where it is necessary the personal injury attorneys at Ehline Law Firm PC can assist the injured victim with guidance.

Financial credit ratings affect so much of life that claiming bankruptcy can be a traumatic experience after suffering a personal injury due to a negligent party, which is why the experienced personal injury attorney protecting the victims’ rights is extremely important after being involved in an accident.

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